Healthcare and Personal Care Professionals

Work When You Want, Where You Want, and for How Much You Want!

AccrediMatch members include the wide range of disciplines and skills to support patients in the home or facilities including registered nurses, CNAs, Therapists (PT’s, OT’s, ST’s), Home Health Aides, and Personal Care Aides.

Our members differentiate by being an AccrediMatch Verified Professional  (AVP) that demonstrates they have reached a high standard that the healthcare organizations desire.  The AVP requirements are made based on discipline and includes verification of background checks, license checks, and training.

AccrediMatch is a great solution for:

  • Full-time gig workers
  • Current part-time workers seeking additional work
  • Full-time employees looking for moonlight opportunities
  • Unpaid family caregivers seeking paid opportunities
  • Retired clinicians and caregivers seeking part-time work

Set up your profile through our easy-to-use iOS or Android application simply downloaded from the store for no charge.

Work When You Desire! 

Then set your availability, location preferences, and see shifts and visits that match.

Review the match options and apply to the ones that fit you best.

Work for the Pay Rate You Desire!

You set your hourly rate and can negotiate with healthcare organizations through the app related to your rate and schedule.   As an AVP, you bring proven skills and can demand more.

You keep it all! 

Work Where You Desire! 

You set your home or work from location and how many miles from your location you want to see opportunities.

You can change your work from location if visiting other locations and desire to see opportunities in that location!

Easy to Use and User Friendly

Once you set up your profile and are verified as an AVP:

  • Define your availability and location preferences
  • Set desired compensation
  • Get notified and view opportunities that match
  • See accepted visits/shifts on your schedule
  • Complete visit/shift
  • Receive timely payments


In addition to working where you want, when you want, and for the pay rate you want while keeping it all, AccrediMatch provides many additional benefits:

  • You are protected with liability insurance when working visits/shifts through AccrediMatch
  • As an independent, you can select additional benefits as needed
    • Healthcare, dental, 401k participation
  • Financial tracking
    • Track your income
    • Track deductible expenses (miles driven, supplies provided)
    • Financial guidance
  • Access to discounted supplies
  • Rewards program
  • Access to training based on discipline requirements

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